AT Days 1-3

Day 1 Approach trail to Springer Mountain Shelter (8.8 miles)I got dropped off at the Amicalola Visitor center. I had one minor set back as I was getting ready to start. One of my trekking poles wouldn’t set. I messed with it for a few minutes before deciding to just pack it and just use one.The hike was beautiful and challenging. I definitely underestimated the 604 stairs on the approach trail.I ended up hiking with a man named Tom for the last couple miles or so. Eventually we made it to the first official white blaze and start of the Appalachian Trail!A little past this point I found Springer Mountain Shelter, which was full so I pitched my tent nearby, met some of the other hikers and settled in for my first night.Day 2 Springer Mountain Shelter to Hawk Mountain Campground. Mile 7.4.I woke up and noticed the overnight rain got some of my stuff wet including the outside of my sleeping bag which was touching one of the tent walls.I was really slow to pack up all of my wet stuff and eat breakfast before heading out. It was about 11:30am before I got going. All of the other hikers had already moved on.I stopped at Stover Creek Shelter (about 2.8 miles) for lunch and to try to air out my tent.I was extremely happy to finally get to the next campsite before it got dark. My feet were killing. I met up with Tom and Lorin who I met on day 1. I set up my tent in a site next to them and we all had dinner together. I went to sleep with the goal of getting an earlier start tomorrow.Day 3 Hawk Mountain Campground to Gooch Mountain Shelter (Mile 15.7)Today I hiked with my new friend Lorin. Tom had gotten an early start and left while I was still eating breakfast. I did not manage to get out early today.Most of the hike was fairly uneventful, beautiful scenery and overcoming pain in feet and shoulders.One amazing thing did happen though. We stopped to get water, and a guy at the creek complained that he was carrying an extra trekking pole for another guy he hadn’t met that lost it. I mentioned that I was using 1 pole and could take it off his hands. So I got to finish the last 2 miles with two pole which was awesome! The trail provides!

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  1. I love your updates, Sara! Glad you are meeting so many others on the same journey and good trail juju is with you! Love you so much. Keep on trekking! 😍

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