AT Days 6-7

Day 6 Neel Gap to Low Gap (Mile 42.3)

(Not a lot of pictures for day 6, because it was really rainy.)

Like so many others I sent home a few items before I left Neel Gap (My broken trekking pole, an extra long sleeve shirt, and my extra cell phone). I should be about 14oz lighter now, woo hoo!

Today was a long day, which was expected since I was planning on 11.5 miles.

Part way through the day I got caught in a scary loud thunder storm. At least three times, I jumped at the loud thunder. The storm was so close and basically right above where I was. A friend of mine up ahead turned back and let me know that there was an open rock face ahead. We didn’t want to cross it, because with no trees, we would be the highest point. We waited about 20-30 minutes in the rain and hail counting the time between lightning and thunder until we decided it was safe before continuing on.

Eventually, I ended up hiking alone again. At one point I slipped and fell on the trail. Got a couple of nice bruises. I was frustrated with the weather and from my fall.

As I hiked on I randomly noticed there were several worms crawling around the trail. To pass the time, I counted all the worms I saw for the rest of the way. (I saw 12.)

At about halfway to my goal, I came across some trail magic! A couple guys were set up handing out sodas and hostess cakes. I trudged on for the second half of the hike, barely making it before dark (as usual).

Day 7 Low Gap to Blue Mountain Shelter (Mile 50.1)

Today started out to be difficult mentally. I woke up in the grumpiest mood ever. I didn’t sleep well because of the bruises from falling in the rain the day before. My left foot was swollen and in pain. I sat in my tent contemplating taking a zero day and just resting at camp.

While I was at camp and not in a hurry to get going, I took advantage of the sunny weather and dried out some clothes.

Later I realized though if I pushed it one more day I would be really close to a road to go into town, so I decided to hike on. I left camp late at about 1pm, but only needed to go about 6 miles.

11 thoughts on “AT Days 6-7

  1. Enjoying your blog post, Sara! I started walking two hours after work as a sort of vicarious remote trailer walker and I know I have no excuse to not continue given I have no thunder or extreme conditions to face :-). Btw, you are a gifted writer!!! Miss you a lot and can’t wait for your next post

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  2. Great job Sara!! 47 miles is very impressive! Keep going one step at a time! Hang in there! I’m looking forward to following your blog. This will be the journey of a lifetime!!

    Liked by 1 person

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