AT Days 12-15

Day 12 Plumborchard Shelter to Standing Indian Shelter (Mile 85.9)

I’m in North Carolina!! One state down!!

Not only did I cross a state line today, I also hit my longest mileage so far at 12.2.

I had a great hike with nice weather.

Given the longer mileage, I got to the shelter site early evening. People were already settled and were chatting by campfire. I sat with them and ate dinner.

Day 13 Standing Indian Shelter to Betty Creek Gap Campsite (Mile 97.2)

This was the first night I was actually a little cold. I figured out that if I sleep on my back or stomach it’s warmer. If I rolled onto my side, I would wake up cold.

But once I got going the day was actually really nice.

About 2 miles before the campsite I stopped to enjoy an amazing, breath-taking view.

For some reason I was amused that this campsite has a designated toilet area… (It’s just trees.)

Day 14 Betty Creek Gap to Rock Gap (Mile 105.7)

Another great day with sunny weather. Today featured probably the most difficult climb so far, Albert Mountain. This is the first climb that required using your hands to climb up, rather than just walking up an incline.

After reaching the top, I had about 6 miles of gradual down hill terrain which was a nice reward.

I hiked to Rock Gap, where I caught a shuttle into Franklin, NC for a zero day!

Day 15 Franklin NC (zero miles)

After my first 100 miles, I stayed in town and rested, ate at restaurants. I also resupplied (bought more food for the next few days). And I bought a good warm layer to sleep in, since the past couple nights were a little cold.

12 thoughts on “AT Days 12-15

    1. Thanks! Most of the time nothing in particular. Lately, there have been a few snake sightings by other people, so I’ve been pretty focused on whether or not snakes are nearby, etc…


  1. Carol and I just read your newest installment. It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished so far not to mention the trip ahead. I get a thrill each time you post. Wish we were there with you. Stay safe. I LOVE YOU

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  2. Wow!! Holy smokes. Nice picture, the dark eerie trees look sooooo cool ! I’m glad you got to rest some. Looking forward to more posts ! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I miss you and love when I see new posts! The pictures are awesome! I can’t believe you already crossed a state line!!!! Proud of you big sis!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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