AT Days 31-33

Day 31 Painter Branch Campsite to Roaring Fork Shelter (Mile 257.0)

Today started with very humid weather. I pulled out my bug net for the first time.

Hours later it started raining.I hiked up Max Patch today. Just as I was about a mile from the peak it stopped raining. I stayed up there for about an hour, eating dinner and enjoying the view!

Day 32 Roaring Fork Shelter to Deer Park Mountain Shelter (Mile 271.7)

Today started off very rainy. I made my breakfast in my tent. I am getting tired of oatmeal, so I made couscous and tuna with my coffee.

It rained off and on most of the day, but I didn’t really mind.

Just a beautiful day for hiking.

Day 33 Deer Park Mountain Shelter to Hot Springs, NC (Mile 274.9)

Today I needed to hike just three miles to get to Hot Springs. When I woke I knew real breakfast was only three miles away. I got up early and got out of the shelter early.

I got to town and spent the rest of the day there. Some friends and I booked an hour at a hot tub with a view of a river, which was amazing.

3 thoughts on “AT Days 31-33

  1. Yay for trail magic!!! The hot springs sound amazing 😉 and actually tuna and couscous sounds kind of yummy as well! Glad to see you are in good spirits ❤

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