AT Days 34-39

Day 34 Hot Springs to Spring Mountain Shelter (Mile 285.9)

I have been given a trail name! Sundown… because I usually get to camp in the early evening hours. I like to take lots of pictures and long breaks on the trail.

Today I hiked out of Hot Springs. On the climb out I happened to step right next to a large snake. (The video is a little shaky…)

I am pretty sure it was a Copper Head which is a venomous snake. Luckily I stepped back in time. Also it was already moving away from the trail. I watched it move up the hill before moving on.

The rest of the hike was mostly uphill, which seems to be the case anytime I’m hiking out of a town.

Day 35 Spring Mountain Shelter to Jerry Cabin Shelter (Mile 301.8)

Today I hiked 16 miles and crossed the 300 mile mark on the AT!

I have been playing a little “road trip” game with myself where I try to find snails on the trail. I take a picture and move them across so they don’t get stepped on. My high score is 3 in a day!

Today I hiked on a rocky ridgeline that had amazing views.

I lived up to my new trail name and got to camp around 8:30pm but got to see some amazing sunset views as I approached camp.

Day 36 Jerry Cabin Shelter to Big Flat Campsite (Mile 315.1)

I had a nice hike and took about an hour long break at a shelter along the way. I had lunch and got some water.

As I kept hiking I saw signs for a nearby hostel and stopped by for some snacks and Gatorade. I ended up spending another hour there as well.

Later that afternoon, I actually saw a bear cub in a tree! It was not moving and it was a far away. I wasn’t sure at first if it was a bear or just part of the tree (I always think I see animals and it turns out to be a log or a bush…)

I had planned on 15.5 miles today to the next shelter, but ultimately stopped about 2 miles short at a small campsite instead with three other hikers.

Day 37 Big Flat Campsite to Bald Mountain Shelter (Mile 327.4)

My “road trip” game where I look for snails is getting out of hand. I saw 19 snails today! It was a nice distraction though from just counting the miles all day.

I also saw a snake today. This time I saw it before walking right next to it. I don’t know what kind it is, but it was smaller and had a different pattern than the copperhead I saw a few days ago.

Later at the shelter, a deer stopped by!

Day 38 Bald Mountain Shelter to River Road (Erwin, TN) (Mile 344.3)

Today was very rainy, but luckily I slept in the shelter so I did not have to pack up a wet tent.

I was about 17 miles from Erwin, TN. My plan was just to get as close as possible and go in the next day to resupply.

Most of the trail from here was downhill, and I made really good time. Ultimately I decided to do the whole 17 miles and go into town tonight instead!

I got to town around 6pm and booked a night at a hostel off the trail.

Day 39 zero day in Erwin, TN

Since I got to town late, I decided to resupply the next day and booked another night at the hostel.

Even at the hostel I was able to enjoy local wildlife! A racoon stopped by looking for hiker trash.

I weighed my pack at the hostile and apparently I was carrying more than I thought. It was 37 pounds! I sent home a long sleeve shirt and sadly… my day hammock. I saved about 2lbs and am now at 35lbs if my food and water are maxed out. I also found an awesome free sit pad in a hiker box, which I took.

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