AT Days 47-51

Day 47 Boots Off Hostile to Iron Mountain Shelter (Mile 444.4)

I spent the morning hiking with Detroit and Lung’r. We have been lucky with weather, having so many beautiful hiking days.

Later at camp, Lung’r made a pizza by campfire.

Day 48 Iron Mountain Shelter to Abington Gap Shelter (Mile 460.4)

Today’s hike was another sunny day.

Day 49 Abington Shelter to Unmarked Campsite near Damascus. (Mile 472.1)

I officially hiked in to Damascus today. I was here a few days ago for the Trail Days Festival.

I ate some lunch in a grocery store and also resupplied for the next few days.

Day 50 Campsite near Damascus to Campsite near stream (Mile 488.1)

I’m trying out cereal on the trail. It’s kind of a pain so far to pack out the cereal.

I found a stream on my hike today and stopped to soak my feet. There were lots of butterflies nearby.

Day 51 Campsite to Grayson Highlands State Park (Mile 501.4)

Today we saw wild ponies and hit mile 500!

Apparently the ponies like to lick sweaty hikers’ arms and legs…

Most of our trail family hiked together to the 500-mark.

3 thoughts on “AT Days 47-51

  1. Wow Sara… 500 miles. Amazing. We had a birthday party dinner for Jessie yesterday and left a seat open in honor of you. I’ll send a picture to your phone. Keep up the good work and be safe. I love you.

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