AT Days 52-56

Day 52 Grayson Highlands State Park to Unmarked Campsite (Mile 520)

We woke up to wild ponies near our campsite and more beautiful views.

We stopped for the day at a campsite that was near a road, so we could get a ride into town to buy food. I hitched with my friends 2-Dogs and Laf.

Day 53 Campsite to Partnership Shelter (Mile 534)

We found another road. I hitched into town with 2-Dogs, Platypus, and Bob to get pizza.

Day 54 Partnership Shelter to Lindamood School (Mile 543.1)

I enjoyed some delish leftover pizza for breakfast.

Later on our hike we found some awesome trail magic! An old schoolhouse was stocked with coolers full of snacks, cold drinks, and other supplies. We decided to camp here at the school.

Day 55 Lindamood School to Reed Creek campsite (Mile 552.3)

I woke up early and enjoyed some coffee on the schoolhouse porch.

I stopped at an alpaca farm to do laundry and take a shower.

Also made it one quarter of the way through the trail!

Day 56 Reed Creek to Chestnut Knob Shelter (Mile 596.7)

We stopped for a hammock and snack break at a beautiful hostel.

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