AT Days 57-62

Day 57 Chestnut Knob Shelter to Helveys Mill Shelter (Mile 593.9)

I got up early to do a 24 mile day, and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise view.

We found some trail magic again today! People had set up to serve hot dogs and hamburgers to hikers!

Day 58 Helveys Mill Shelter to Dismal Creek Falls (Mile 612.0)

I crossed the 600 mile mark!

I camped with my friends, Lights, 2Dogs and Detroit by a waterfall. There wasn’t much room for tenting, but we made it work.

Day 59 Dismal Falls to Doc’s Knob Shelter (Mile 627.6)

Day 60 Doc’s Knob Shelter to Cross Ave (Pearisburg, VA) (Mile 636.0)

Today I hiked with my friend, 2Dogs. We hiked to a road and got a ride into Pearisburg, VA for some a hotel stay, resupply and Mexican food.

Day 61 Cross Ave to Rice Field Shelter (Mile 643.7)

Back on the trail after a night in town.

We had an amazing sunset view from our shelter site.

Day 62 Rice Field Shelter to Bailey Gap Shelter (Mile 660.2)

We celebrated a birthday on trail today, but still managed to hike 16.5 miles!

We were entertained by an amazing performance from Spankey the clown!

3 thoughts on “AT Days 57-62

  1. Love your pictures and story Sara! We r in Ireland now..Some of our ancestors are Irish..I think that may be where some of the music gene’s come from..take care and have a wonderful time!!

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