AT Days 63-67

Day 63 Bailey Gap Shelter to Unmarked Campsite (Mile 679.6)

Today I planned on hiking a 20+ mile day to the next shelter. I ended up stealth camping with 2Dogs, Willow, and Platypus. We ended up hiking about 19 miles.

The spot we stopped at was a bit small, but we made it work.

Day 64 Unmarked spot to another unmarked spot (Mile 697.5)

Today I was hoping to make it to mile 700, but ended up stopping before my goal again and stealth camping.

Day 65 unmarked to VA 311 (Four Pines Hostel) (Mile 709.9)

I was low on water, so tried mixing my instant coffee with oatmeal. It was not bad. I still prefer them separately though.

I hit mile 700 today in the rain!

I also hiked Dragons Tooth today in the rain. The climb up wasn’t too bad, but the descent was very difficult. It included lots of smooth rocks to climb down in the rain.

I stayed at Four Pines hostel. They were short on bunks, so they offered to let me stay in a pontoon boat. This is probably the weirdest place I’ve slept so far on the AT.

Day 66 VA 311 to Daleville, VA (Mile 729.7)

Today I hiked to McAfee Knob, which is one of the best views on the AT. Unfortunately, it was another day of rainy weather. I made it 20 miles though into town for a zero day!

Day 67 Zero in Daleville

I took a day off with my friends to rest and resupply, laundry, etc.

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