AT Days 68-78

Day 68 Daleville to Fullhardt Knob Shelter (Mile 734.7)

We took a zero day in Daleville to rest and resupply. My body definitely needed the break! The trail goes right through town, so we didn’t need a ride to or from town which was nice.

Also, I’m 1/3 of the way to Katahdin!Day 69 Fullhardt Knob Shelter to Bearwallow Gap (Mile 751.3)

I’m trying out a new breakfast, which I love so far! It’s granola, dried cranberries, chia seeds, almonds and dried milk. It ended up totalling 815 calories!

I got up earlier than the rest of my tramily, and headed out. I got some beautiful sunrise views.

Also saw a snake on the way to the first shelter where I stopped for a break.I later met up with 2Dogs, and we hiked together. We found a road crossing and got a hitch to a lodge and restaurant and had a nice dinner!

We didn’t feel like heading back to trail after dinner, so we camped at an actual campground nearby and decided to go back to the trail in the morning.

Day 70 Bearwallow Gap to Parkers Gap Road (Mile 769.3)

We did manage to get back on trail, but we also got off trail again. (It’s hard to resist actual town food!)

We stopped at a campground and had some burgers for lunch. This time we did get back on trail to hike the rest of the day.

We actually decided to night hike a little to catch up to our group. We stopped a few miles short of them, and camped on a dirt road pull-out. I wasn’t able to stake down my tent due to the asphalt, and of course it rained which didn’t end well…

Day 71 Parkers Gap Road to Glasgow, VA (Mile 786.7)

The next morning I packed up my sopping wet tent and hiked out with 2Dogs.

We ended up in Glasgow, VA, which had a couple small grocery stores and camping!

Day 72 Glasgow, VA to John’s Hollow Shelter (Mile 788.4)We ended up hiking only 1.7 miles and stopped at a shelter. Some of the guys in our tramily had been behind us for a few days. They reunited with us here. It was awesome to see them again!Day 73 John’s Hollow Shelter to USFS 39 (campsite) (Mile 801.7)I made it 800 miles! Woo hoo!Shortly after the 800 mark, we met up with our friend, Laf’s family who brought burgers and beer for us!Day 74 campsite to US 60 Lexington Turnpike, picnic table area (Mile 808.5)We hiked about 7 miles and found another opportunity to hitch into town. It is really hard to stay on trail lately.

Days 75-78

I kinda damaged my phone (more on that in the next post) and I don’t have any photos for days 75-78. Here are the mile markers and stops though…

Day 75 The Priest Shelter (Mile 829.1)

Day 76 Reids Gap (Mile 844.6)

Day 77 zero’ed at Devil’s Backbone Brewery (they had free camping, and a restaurant with awesome breakfast)

Day 78 Rockfish Gap (Waynesboro, VA) (Mile 863.7)

One thought on “AT Days 68-78

  1. Love the pictures and your story Sara! We made it to Ireland and back..much less demanding travel though..
    I admire what you’re doing..
    Stay safe and enjoy!

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