AT Days 88-97

Front Royal to Jim and Molly Denton Shelter (Mile 976.7)

Today was a small mileage day, as we hiked to the first shelter.Some friends brought veggies to cook over the fire which were amazing.

Day 89 Molly Denton Shelter to Rod Hollow Shelter (Mile 995.1)

I got up early with 2Dogs to hike a “10 before 10” (10 miles before 10am.) We walked through so many spider webs first thing in the morning, but we made it to a shelter 10 miles away before 10am and took a long break there.

We met up with Detroit and the three of us hiked and played 20 questions to help pass the time.

Day 90 Rod Hollow Shelter to Unmarked Campsite (Mile 1008.4)

We hiked the “Roller Coaster” today, which was a series of climbs and descents over about 13 miles. It was hot outside, but luckily there were frequent water sources.

Also made it to the 1000 mile mark!

Day 91 Unmarked Campsite to another unmarked campsite (Mile 1021.2)

Today was another hot day. Also, there are lots of bugs that hover in front of my face and then try to fly into my eyes.

2Dogs and I created the Complaining game, where we just took turns complaining. We started off trying to get a list of 10, but ended up going for hours instead (my back hurts, my feet hurt, these rocks are making my feet numb, etc…).

Day 92 Campsite to Harper’s Ferry (Mile 1025)

We hiked as a group to Harper’s Ferry, the “psychological halfway point”, and got our pictures taken at the ATC. According to the scale at the ATC visitor center, I have lost 12 pounds since I started my thru hike!

Day 93 Harper’s Ferry to Ed Garvey Shelter (Mile 1031.8)

Also took a side trip to DC and checked out some of the historic sites.

I made it back to Harper’s Ferry and back on the trail for a 6 mile hike to the next shelter. Also I’m in Maryland now!

Day 94 Ed Garvey Shelter to Annapolis Rock Campsite (Mile 1050.0)

I hiked with Detroit to the “other” Washington Monument on the trail.

So far Maryland has been a nice break having flat, smooth trails.

Day 95 Annapolis Rock to Falls Creek Footbridge (Mile 1067.1)

I woke up to find that even though I hung my bear bag, I left a bag of bacon jerky in my tent under my sleeping pad.

I’m already out of Maryland and into Pennsylvania. I’m excited to enter a new state!

Day 96 Falls Creek Footbridge to Quarry Gap Shelters (Mile 1086.9)

Day 97 Quarry Gap Shelters to Unmarked Campsite (Mile 1105.3)

I hit a couple milestones today. I reached the halfway point (mile 1096).

And… I also reached mile 1100.

I think the achievement I’m most proud of though is testing the limits of hiker hunger and eating an entire 1.5 quart carton of ice cream! (I attempted the half gallon challenge, but didn’t quite eat a full half gallon…)

7 thoughts on “AT Days 88-97

  1. Wow you have gotten so far , Sara !!! I’m impressed!! I miss you a lot and hope you have a good second half of the journey, crazy how fast it has passed !!

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