AT Days 98-107

Day 98 Unmarked Campsite to Campsite near brook (Mile 1119.4)

It might be time for some new socks…

Day 99 Campsite to US11-Carlisle, PA (Mile 1131.4)

Everyone said Pennsylvania would be rocky but the beginning is pretty nice so far.

Going into town (Carlisle, PA) it rained on us for the last mile or so. There was a steep, muddy downhill that I kinda fell and slid down.

After getting cleaned up, we found a restaurant and ate lots of yummy food!

Day 100 US11 to Stream (Mile 1141.4)

Detroit and I got some new shoes. We ended up getting newer versions of each others old shoes.

We got some amazing trail magic today! Some amazing people were cooking up steak, seared tuna and hamburgers along with cold drinks and craft beer.

Day 101 Stream to Peter’s Mountain Shelter (Mile 1160.0)

PA is starting to get rocky, but not too bad.

These power line structures make me feel like I’m in a video game and I need to defeat the boss to get to the next level.

We walked through the town of Duncannon, PA and bought some food before continuing on to the trail.

Day 102 Peter’s Mountain Shelter to Tentsite and Creek (Mile 1177.7)

We found a water source with noticeably yellow water. My understanding is that the water is yellow from plant tannins and is safe to drink.

Day 103 Tentsite and Creek to Applebee Campsite (Mile 1196.0)

I hiked out early today. I had a choice between the official AT route which included a flooded beaver dam or an alternate dry route, for about a mile. I was curious about how bad the flooded route could really be, so I chose that one.

When I got there I switched to my camp shoes to cross the flood.

Day 104 Applebee Campsite to Black Swatara Spring (Mile 1206.1)

I reached mile 1200! Less than 1000 to go!

Day 105 Black Swatara Spring to Port Clinton, PA (Mile 1219.2)

So far terrain and elevation have been pretty easy.

Day 106 Port Clinton, PA to Windsor Furnace Shelter (Mile 1225.3)

After staying a night in town, we headed back to trail.

Day 107 Windsor Furnace Shelter to Allentown Hiking Club Shelter (Mile 1241.8)

It’s starting to get rocky.

We saw a nice view today from the “Pinnacle”. Even the views in Pennsylvania are rocky.

2 thoughts on “AT Days 98-107

  1. That “Pinnacle” picture is amazing!! so are the other pics too, but you should make it the cover of your book. 1200 miles!!Way to go!

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