AT 108-117

Day 108 Allentown Hiking Club Shelter to George Outerbridge Shelter (Mile 1258.6)Today was super hot and I took lots of long breaks. I also completed two big sections of rock scrambling.

Knife’s Edge…And Oven Bake Knob…Beautiful views, but I would have appreciated them more if it wasn’t so hot out and rocky. And if that wasn’t enough, the trail itself is now mostly rocks as well…

Day 109 George Outerbridge Shelter to Leroy A Smith Shelter (Mile 1275.3)I got up early to start the climb out of Lehigh Gap. It is supposedly one of the biggest rock scramble climbs until we reach the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Also, it is a 17 mile stretch before the next water source. I usually fill up my 2 liters in the morning and refill as needed during the day. Today I brought the weight of 4 liters up the climb.After getting to the top I found some berries to snack on and took a break.It was super hot outside and the trail was exposed in lots of places. I was glad I did the climb early in the morning.

Day 110 Leroy A Smith Shelter to Delaware Water Gap, PA (Mile 1295.4)My shoes are already getting torn up from all the rocks and I’ve only had them for about a week and a half.Today we are headed to Delaware Water Gap which is at the PA/NJ border. In one of the last shelter logs, I left a note sharing my true feelings about Pennsylvania…I will admit it was very motivating to be on my way out of Pennsylvania and almost into a new state. Also we passed a “<900” mark today! I can’t believe there are less than 900 miles to Katahdin!

Day 111 Zero in Deleware Water Gap, PAI took a zero day in Deleware Water Gap. Detroit and I had some fun with these cut-outs in front of a bakery.

Day 112 Deleware Water Gap to Rattlesnake Spring (Mile 1308.9)I finally made it out of Pennsylvania and into New Jersey! I am so ready to get into a new state. The NJ trail started off nice, already less rocks and more shade!I also hit 1300 miles today! And saw this awesome rattlesnake on the trail. The first water source was yellow just like one I saw in Pennsylvania, but safe to drink as the color is caused by plant tannins. And parts of the trail are getting rocky again.

Day 113 Rattlesnake Spring to Gren Anderson Shelter (Mile 1326.8)Even though it is still rocky here, there have been some amazing views lately.

Day 114 Gren Anderson Shelter to Secret Shelter (Mile 1345.1)We stayed at the Secret Shelter with Jake the donkey who lives on the property.

Day 115 Secret Shelter to NJ 94 (to drive-in theater) (Mile 1358.7)

Jake walked over to socialize with us while we were having breakfast in the morning.

We hiked across a boardwalk that went on for about a mile.

We got a ride to a drive-in theater in Warwick, NY that allows thru-hikers to camp for free!

Day 116 NJ 94 to Warwick Turnpike (Mile 1364.2)

Day 117 Warwick Turnpike to Wildcat Shelter (Mile 1375.8)And another state down! I am out of New Jersey and into New York!

Looks like New York will not be easing up on the rocky climbs.

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