AT Days 118-127

Day 118 Wildcat Shelter to Arden Valley Road (Mile 1391.2)

Today was challenging because it was hot and most of the water sources were dry.

Luckily a trail angel left a water cache which I definitely needed. It was very much appreciated!

Near the end of the day I went through the “Lemon Squeezer”. I had to take my pack off in order to fit through.Eventually I made it to Lake Tiorati which had bathrooms, water spigots and vending machines. After being hot and dehydrated all day I drank a bunch of water and got ice cream from a vending machine. We stealth camped nearby outside of the park.

Day 119 Arden Valley Road to Bear Mountain Recreation Area (Mile 1405.5)

Today I crossed mile 1400! Getting closer!

I also climbed up and over Bear Mountain which was a nice paved trail. I enjoyed the change from all the rockiness over the past few weeks.

It rained a little on the climb up, which created some cool views.

From the Bear Mountain Recreation Area I got a ride into Fort Montgomery, NY and booked a motel room.

Day 120 Zero in Fort Montgomery, NY.

I took a much needed zero day to rest.

Day 121 Bear Mountain Recreation Area to Tentsite-South Highland Road (Mile 1417.5)

I hiked on Bear Mountain Bridge which crosses the Hudson River.

Day 122 South Highland Road to RPH Shelter (Mile 1430.8)

Another snake sighting! This guy was right off the trail in a bush.

I also saw a beehive over the trail.

We stopped at a beach by a lake to fill up water at a spigot. (I didn’t realize lakes could have sandy beaches.) Also we were able to get lunch at a concession stand.

We stayed at the RPH Shelter which was a really cool shelter. It was partially enclosed and had bunk spaces inside. Perfect for avoiding a rainy night in a tent.

Day 123 RPH Shelter to Telephone Pioneers Shelter (Mile 1447.6)

Day 124 Telephone Pioneers Shelter to Unmarked Campsite (Mile 1462.2)

I passed the enormous and beautiful Dover Oak!

And another cool boardwalk.

I entered Connecticut today!

Day 125 Unmarked Campsite to Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter (Mile 1476.1)

Another beehive!

I went into Kent, CT to do laundry and resupply. I also decided to get rid of my stove, pot, camp shoes and an extra shirt I had to wear while doing laundry. I dropped about 2.5lbs from my pack!

Day 126 Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter to Pine Swamp Brook Shelter

Today I saw two bears (I didn’t get pictures)! As I was hiking a mom and cub were about 75 yards ahead of me on the trail. I made some noise with my trekking poles and the larger bear looked at me and both ran away. Shortly after that I got stuck in a rain/thunderstorm. I stopped at the next shelter only putting in 10 miles for the day.

Day 127 Pine Swamp Brook Shelter to Riga Shelter (Mile 1504.8)I crossed the 1500 mile mark and crossed into Massachusetts! I saw another bear today right before the 1500 mile mark. It was about 50 yards right off the trail.I also night-hiked a little to make it to the Riga Shelter and got some sunset views on the way.

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