AT Days 128-136

Day 128 Riga Shelter to MA 41 Undermountain Road (Mile 1519.2)

I had been anxiously waiting for the “Welcome to Massachusetts” sign and here it is! I am in Massachusetts!

We got a ride from the road (MA41) and decided to take a zero day.

Day 129 Zero in Great Barrington, MA

I found some Bullet Proof coffee at a local cafe to enjoy while doing laundry.

And later that day I ate so much McDonald’s. I don’t even really eat that much fast food normally, but it was so good!

Day 130 MA41 Undermountain Road to Mt. Wilcox South Shelter (Mile 1534.5)

Since walking into Massachusetts, the trail has been much smoother than the previous 4 states.

The weather has been cooler lately and there have been fewer bugs swarming my face. So far I love Massachusetts!

Day 131 Mt. Wilcox South Shelter to Upper Goose Pond Cabin (Mile 1550.5)

Today I came across a “trail stand” with snacks for purchase and free drinking water!

I hiked to the Upper Goose Pond Cabin which is known to have a caretaker who serves pancakes in the morning! I was super sore and exhausted. When I got there I ate dinner and set up my tent and went to sleep early.

Day 132 Upper Goose Pond Cabin to U.S. 20 (to Lee, MA) (Mile 1552.1)

When I woke up I wasn’t feeling great. I was still super sore and felt a little fatigued. I decided to just hike up to the next road which was less than 2 miles, and get a hotel in Lee, Mass for the night. I didn’t even stop in the cabin for my free pancakes!

Day 133 U.S. 20 to Kay Wood Shelter (Mile 1568.1)

My rest day helped a lot. I felt better the next day. And I found my friend, Lights on the trail who i hadn’t seen in weeks!

Day 134 Kay Wood Shelter to Mark Noepel Shelter (Mile 1584.8)

The trail went through Dalton, MA where I got a couple burritos and coffee!

I love the trail in Massachusetts!

Day 135 Mark Noepel Shelter to Seth Warner Shelter (Mile 1601.3)

Today I climbed Mount Greylock, and checked out the amazing view.

I think someone tried to spell “hiker” here?

And just like that I’m out of Massachusetts and into Vermont!

Day 136 Seth Warner Shelter to Vt.9 (to Bennington, VT)

It was foggy but pretty in the morning when I started hiking today. I planned on attempting a long 22 mile day, but ultimately stopped at about half that mileage and spent the night in Bennington, VT with my amazing friends.

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