AT Days 137-148

Day 137 Vt.9 to Kid Gore Shelter (Mile 1627.2)

Fun fact… this cheese can be kept in a backpack for an entire week and not go bad. It’s perfect for backpacking, but I might not buy this anymore when this hike is over.

Day 138 Kid Gone Shelter to Winhall River (Mile 1644.3)

I usually tent even at shelter sites, but this time decided to sleep in the shelter. I woke up to an amazing sunrise view!

The day consisted of several sections of mud to trudge through.

Lots and lots of mud…

I met up with my friend Lights at the end of the day and we camped near a river.

Day 139 Winhall River to Bromley Shelter (Mile 1654.8)

The mud seems to be coming up less frequently!

We stopped in Manchester Center, VT today to get lunch and resupply. I ate a huge burrito like it was nothing. We also found some of our friends in town. Everyone wanted to stay in town, but I decided to get back on trail. I was focused on getting to Rutland to pick up a package from the post office in a few days.

I ended up hiking about 2 miles out of town and got to use this tent platform. No one else was in this little tent area, so I got the site to myself. This is the first time I’ve camped without anyone I know in a long time, but I figured I’d catch up with my friends in or after Rutland in a few days.

Day 140 Bromley Shelter to Greenwall Shelter (Mile 1677.5)

So today it rained all day long.

I stopped at the first shelter for a break about 8 miles in. It was tempting to stop here for the day and watch the rain, but I kept moving.

Luckily it stopped raining when I got to this rocky section.

Later in the day I came across this “rock garden” where people have left all these cairns. I thought it was so cool. It was a nice reward near the end of a long, rainy, 22.7 mile day!

Day 141 Greenwall Shelter to Governor Clement Shelter (Mile 1692.4)

I was moving super slow today after my big mileage day yesterday. I took lots of breaks. At about 1pm I had only gone about 5 miles.

I eventually made it to my goal about 15 miles away. And I now have less than 500 miles to go to Katahdin!!

Day 142 Governor Clement Shelter to US.4 (to Rutland, VT) (Mile 1703.0)

Today I just have 10 miles until I get to route 4 to Rutland. I am super excited to pick up a package with my new hiking shirt and take a zero day!

I love that someone makes these mile markers every 100 miles. Made it 1700 miles!

I celebrated 1700 miles with pizza and beer!

Day 143 Zero in Rutland, VT

I was excited to find delicious tamales in Vermont!

I picked up some $6 shades! I really wanted to wear them but didn’t have a way to cut off the plastic tag thing. Also, I picked up the new shirt I had ordered from the post office!

Day 144 US.4 to Stony Brook Shelter (Mike 1713.0)

I only hiked about 10 miles from town. I didn’t see any of my friends in town, but hopefully I’ll see them on the trail soon.

Day 145 Stony Brook Shelter to Pomfret Road / Brook (Mile 1731.1)

Ten minutes into my hike this morning, I came across this shop ladder! I wonder how people got down from here before the ladder was here.

Later in the afternoon another hiker and I found some trail apples. They were a delicious surprise!

Day 146 Pomfret Road to Hanover, NH (Mile 1749.8)

This tree has a face and arms!

I made it to NH! I had ordered some new shoes and sent them to the Hanover Post Office, but they aren’t going to be delivered for 2 more days. So I got a hotel nearby in White River Junction, and I’ll be taking a zero. My feet needed it anyway…

Day 147 Zero in White River Junction, VT

My package says it will be here tomorrow. I really hope it gets here soon so I can move on.

Day 148 Hanover NH to Just outside of Hanover (Mile 1750.6)

I got a shuttle ride back to Hanover, but needed to kill time in town to wait for my package to arrive.

While hanging out in town I found some of my friends! I got a free donut with Lights and Spiderman!

I got some nachos and eventually picked up my package.

And later that day I found these guys!

I ended up camping right outside town with a bunch of other hikers.

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