AT Days 149-155

Day 149 Just outside Hanover to Trapper John Shelter (Mile 1766.5)

We had camped just outside of town where a thin layer of trees separates the woods from a soccer field.

I woke up and got a coffee from town before packing up my tent and heading out.

Day 150 Trapper John Shelter to Hexacuba Shelter (Mile 1778.5)

I was feeling sore and tired, so decided to make it a short mileage day. I stopped at the Hexacuba Shelter and grabbed the only good tentsite. I was in my tent ready to sleep by 6:30.

Day 151 Hexacuba Shelter to N.H. 25 (to Glencliff, NH) (Mile 1793.1)

The day started by crossing a log bridge that was in very bad condition. I took it super slow going across.

On top of Mt. Cube I got some very pretty views.

Less than 400 miles to go!

I stopped at Hiker Welcome Hostel and planned on spening one night, but I ended up checking the weather and saw that it is supposed to rain all day… so I decided to take another zero and wait it out.

Day 152 Zero at Hiker Welcome Hostel

As expected it rained all day. I didn’t want to hike a slippery, rocky mountain in the rain, so I stayed at the hostel. The weather should be clear tomorrow, but it is supposed to storm the next day.

Day 153 N.H. 25 to stealth camp near trail (Mile 1811.2)

Mt. Moosilauke was the first mountain in the Whites. It was steep and full of wet slippery rocks.

Made it to the top of a very foggy mountain!

The decent was more difficult than the climb. I was glad I waited to do this on a day with good weather.

I ended up “stealth” camping at a spot near the trail, a short distance up the Kinsmans.

Day 154 Stealth camp to Liberty Springs Trailhead (to Lincoln, NH) (Mile 1818.9)

Today I climbed the Kinsmans. This climb was steeper and more difficult than Moosilauke.

More foggy views at the top.

The decent was steep, but not as bad as Moosilauke.

I passed by the first hut in the Whites. I wanted to check it out, but decided to stay focused on hiking on. It was supposed to start raining any minute. I eventually made it down the mountain and stayed in Lincoln, NH for the night.

Day 155 Liberty Springs Trailhead to stealth camp near trail (Mile 1828.0)

The climb up Mt. Lafayette was another very steep climb, but the views at the top of Franconia Ridge were amazing! This was truly one of my favorite places on the AT so far.

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