AT Days 156-163

Day 156 Stealth camp to Zealand Falls Hut (Mile 1838.9)

Another day of steep climbs and amazing views!

I took this 0.1 mile side trail, thinking I would see a view. I was mildly disappointed at the lack of view…

I got a “work for stay” at the Zealand Falls Hut. I had to do dishes, and in exchange I got dinner, breakfast and was allowed to sleep on the dining room floor. The food was amazing and I had a good experience here.

Day 157 Zealand Falls Hut to Mitzpah Campsite (Mile 1853.0)

I enjoyed hot coffee from the hut (I got rid of my stove back in CT, so I appreciate hot coffee whenever I can get it!)

I climbed over Mt. Garfield I the morning.  I had stealth camped right before this peak the night before because I was too tired to do it at the end of the day.  I enjoyed the morning views.

Another amazing view, this time from South Twin Mountain.

Day 158 Mitzpah Campsite to Lakes of the Clouds Hut (Mile 1857.7)

Today was supposed to include Mt. Washington, but due to heavy fog and high winds I decided to go 4.7 miles and stay at the Lake of the Clouds hut which is right before the Mt. Washington peak.

I met up with some friends on the short windy hike, and we took this photo next to no view and a random cairn behind us.  It was a lot of fun hiking with these guys.

This is the Lake of the Clouds hut from about 20 ft away.  It is barely visible further confirming the decision to stop here and do Mt. Washington tomorrow.

Who knew there is an Appalachian Trail board game?!  I played this with some hikers while we waited out the bad weather.

Day 159 Lake of the Clouds Hut to stealth camp (Mile 1869.1)

The next day was still foggy and windy, but considerably less than the day before.  A sign on the way up warns of the dangers of hiking up to the peak during bad weather.

Made it to the top!

I actually had a hard time finding where the trail continues because it was so hard to see.  I found it eventually and started down the other side of the mountain.

The views on the way down were much better than at the top.  The fog broke, and left views of clouds on top of mountains.

At the end of the day I found a little cul de sac off the trail, big enough for 1 tent.  Perfect little stealth spot to end the day.

Day 160 Stealth camp to Pinkham Notch (to Gorham, NH) (Mile 1872.6)

Today I hiked 3.5 miles into Pinkham Notch where I hitched a ride into town.  I took the rest of the day off to rest, shower, laundry, resupply, etc…

Day 161 Pinkham Notch to Carter Notch Hut (Mile 1878.5)

From Pinkham Notch I hitched back to trail in the morning.

No surprise here that the Wildcats were full of steep rocky climbs just like the rest of the Whites have been so far.

Steep climbs lead to pretty views.

I decided to stop at the Carter Notch Hut about 6 miles away for a quick break.  I was sore from falling on the trail earlier in the day and it started to rain while I was there.  The hut had room for another “work for stay” so I decided to call it a day and stay here.

Day 162 Carter Notch Hut to Rattle River Lodge and Hostel (Mile 1893.7)

I was feeling pretty good today, and moving a lot faster than the day before.  It was a beautiful day for hiking.

I hiked to the Rattle River Hostel, just in time for their 5pm shuttle to Wall-Mart to resupply and also stayed there for the night.

Day 163 Rattle River Lodge and Hostel to NH/ME State Line (Mile 1910)

I made 1900 miles and this is the last day of hiking in NH.  I was determined to make it to the New Hampshire/Maine border sign today.

It was a beautiful day for hiking, and there were lots of flat areas where it felt good to hike fast.

I made it to the border sign just before dark!  I took the picture, then basically went into the woods and found a stealth site to set up camp!  I packed out a beer to toast to myself after crossing into the last state.


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